nastro personalizzato per enoteca tuovino

Three thematic ribbons for Pacini

Pacini Trade company is the one of the oldest company in the field of dried flowers’ production. The company offers a wide range of products including a line specially thought for wine shops.

In order to complete their collection they asked us to produce some suitable ribbons. And that’s the result: we printed for them three thematic ribbons:

  • a texture with all wine cork where the main colours is the one of red wines
  • a series of typical light wood boxes with wine cellar labels
  • a raw wood table with grape bunches, bottles and inviting wine glasses.
nastro personalizzato per enoteca tuovino
nastro personalizzato per enoteca tuovino


It is very interesting this year to be able to offer all teh customers the ribbon they need. We can easily realise what they are looking for so that the customer has no longer to look for what he wants among the various suppliers’ proposals, but he just needs to know what he is looking for … and we do it! It’s a great saving of time for the client who has not to go and looking for the product he needs without the guarantee to find it.

Stefano Cortesi
Brizzolari’s agent