nastro personalizzato mycraftroom

The care of the small details

Her name is Tiziana and she’s an artisan. Mycraftroom is the name she chose for her company of handmade products. She realises party favors and small cosy objects… all handmade! She cares about all the smallest details in order to make special all her single project and client! She understood that the care of the small details is the winning formula!

nastro personalizzato mycraftroom


When I saw the possibility to realise a ribbon with my logo, I didn’t hesitate a second, I trusted the experience and taste of Brizzolari, I was sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed by them! My TUO ribbons perfectly represent the world of Mycraftroom: dedication, passion, care and love. Thank you very much NastriBrizzolari!

Owner of MyCraftRoom