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your own ribbon

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  • Elegance and sensuality

    I thank all the Brizzolari team! Thanks to their ribbons my customers can get elegant gifts with a very refined packaging.. which is really important!

    Owner of Karezze

  • Space for creativity!

    For an agency like mine that often realizes projects for events, among which coordinated images and logos, the chance to include a personalized ribbon is a plus. Also because with TUOribbon you can really give space to creativity, there are no printing limits, the minimum of order of 250 m is suitable for everyone and prices are convenient.

    Prisca Fumagalli
    Founder of Prisca Design


    It is very interesting this year to be able to offer all teh customers the ribbon they need. We can easily realise what they are looking for so that the customer has no longer to look for what he wants among the various suppliers’ proposals, but he just needs to know what he is looking for … and we do it! It’s a great saving of time for the client who has not to go and looking for the product he needs without the guarantee to find it.

    Stefano Cortesi
    Brizzolari’s agent