Refinement in a ribbon

Franca loves her underwear shop and she takes care of all the details with devotion and passion. Everything in her shop spreads elegance and refinement from the selection of products, the attention to the shop window set up, to the care for the customers.

The perfect personalised ribbon for Karezze should for sure have had a lace pattern: elegant, soft and sensual such as its products. The line we thought for Karezze is a soft and natural Simplicity TUO ribbon with a lace pattern and the logo of the shop.

During Summer, beside the underwear, Karezze shop offers also bathing costums and swimming trunks, for this reason Mrs Franca decided to realise two different personalised ribbons and she chose to print dove gray lace pattern for underwear and blue water pattern for bathing costums and trunks.

sand for underwear
water for beachwear

Elegance and sensuality

I thank all the Brizzolari team! Thanks to their ribbons my customers can get elegant gifts with a very refined packaging.. which is really important!

Ms. Franca
Owner of Karezze