nastro personalizzato natale

We Love Christmas

Gruppo Giardinia is a purchasing group that has for many years been at the forefront in purchasing articles for Christmas decoration: trees, lights, wreaths, Christmas-tree ornaments, and also gift items. Their stores at Christmas are transformed into magical worlds selling items under their brand-name: We Love Christmas. For those wishing to give a present with a Christmas theme, here’s a ribbon that conveys the Christmas spirit 100%. The logo is placed on an imitation wood background, mixed with red and white decorations.


Several years ago we created a brand-name which we use in our stores to sell Christmas decorations designed by us, and we give customers the chance to gift-wrap the products chosen in the store, offering boxes and ribbon. Today, the packaging can finally tell something about us and communicate our world, because there’s not only our logo on the ribbon, but also decoration and a real Christmas atmosphere.

Caterina Cazzaniga
Agribrianza Marketing Manager